Pavan Ratnakar :: Front End Web Developer

Mobile  :  +91-9742272426
Email  :
Website  :
  • An astute B.E. professional with around 5 years' of rich experience in the areas of web development using YUI / YUI App framework / jQuery / node.js / PHP 5 / JavaScript / MySQL with expertise at UI development and social media integration / component development.
  • Currently associated with Yahoo! as a Tech Yahoo.
  • A keen developer with expertise in using Open Source technology and rich UI development emphasizing on pixel-perfect implementations, modern programming methodologies and useful interaction design.
  • Known for positive approach towards work – can-do attitude, ability to collaborate with peers and have fun while working in team.
  • Always willing to walk extra mile for the team, flexible with often-not-so interesting work given the importance of work.
  • Have good communication skills with ability to articulate and explain complex technical concepts.
  • Worked as freelancer in helping team with iOS game development using objective C and cocoa 3d.
  • Passionate to positively push the web development and user experience to next level, and hone my existing skills and competency to have the extra edge over the others.
  • JavaScript Frameworks  :  YUI, YUI App, Backbone, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Underscore, jqGrid
  • Templating Frameworks  :  Underscore.js, Dust.js, Handlebars.js
  • Programming Skills  :  HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, XML, JSON, PHP, Objective C, Cocos3d, FBJS
  • DBMS used  :  MySql, MySQLi, Local storage
  • JavaScript Frameworks  :  , YUI App, jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone, Underscore, Flowplayer, Shadowbox, jqGrid
  • Operating Systems  :  Mac, Windows XP, Linux
  • Tools  :  MySQL, Macfusion, Sublime text, Linux SSH, YSlow, CocosBuilder and Firebug
  • Others  :  Email Template Programming, web accessibility, Twitter integration, YouTube integration, SEO, Security, Google Plus Integration, Flickr Integration, Slim PHP, Maps integration
  • Web Servers  :  Express, restify, Apache Http Server
  • Design Tools  :  Adobe CS5 Technologies: Photoshop
  • Other Applications  :  MS Office, wordpress, Bazaarvoice, Channel Intelligence
Duration  :  September 2011 to Present
Role  :  Front end developer for Yahoo! Global Maps
Website  :,,
  • Worked on revamping maps (complete technology rewrite) with single box search interface, launching it internationally with tablet compatibility and embed support.
  • Travelled to Sunnyvale to work on maps mobile component specific to search referral traffic.
  • Rewrote the complete manifest building for maps using node.js.
  • Worked on architecting the complete continuous integration development and deployment cycle of maps.

Duration  :  December 2013 to Present
Role  :  Senior Front end developer for Yahoo! Business Profile Page
Website  :,
  • Worked on revamping local mobile business profile page with third party integration as Yelp, VFM, Infoserve, Uber.
  • Working on revamping the complete business profile page making it internationally ready to node.js from php. We are using dust.js templating, with express server using touchdown api modules.

  • Received "Greatly exceeds" rating every quarter.
  • Built the architecture to support tablet and desktop maps using single code. Played key role in development of Maps.
  • Built the architecture and did the end-to-end development for mobile maps component and local business mobile profile page.
  • Integrated other Yahoo properties like Flickr and Weather with Yahoo! Maps.
  • Integrated social sharing on Maps using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Bitly API’s.
  • Constantly pushing the envelope in terms of improving the product. Always validating viability and feasibility through constant prototypes.
  • Develop and enforce Unit tests, Accessibility guidelines, performance standards & Web standards for the product.
  • Known to think outside the box. Been a constant contributor to Yahoo! Hack local events.
  • Known for quick and high quality implementations. Thought-to-finish speed freak.
  • Lead team in developing Olympics 2012 Promo for Yahoo! Global Maps.
  • Handle communication between various teams responsible for the product.
  • Successfully completed numerous training programs at Yahoo! To remain on the cutting edge by keeping abreast of rapid-change & highly competitive environment. Received training on iOS app development.
MindTree Limited
Client  :  Procter and Gamble Digital Marketing
Domain  :  Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Duration  :  August 2009 - August 2011
Role  :  Senior Developer for LAMP platform- Web operations
  • Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using digital distribution channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.
  • Increasing consumer consideration through search marketing, interactive advertising and enhanced brand websites, as well as e-mail marketing enabled by P&G’ s extensive consumer databases
  • Driving purchase/trial by piloting e-retail and e-commerce with certain brands and markets
  • Handling multiple web applications of various Brands. Few of them are as below :
  • Collaborate with BA to obtain/clarify detailed requirement /functional specification for the web development project.
  • Work with PMs and Tech leads on scoping and planning effort estimation and timeline for development.
  • Build UI frameworks, template definitions and document best coding/UI recommendations and web standards.
  • Develop and enforce SEO, Security, Accessibility guidelines & Web standards into the workflow.
  • Work on security compliance which includes query optimization, resolving cross-side scripting and SQL injection.
  • Develop CRON scripts for data transfer from production database to third party.
  • Create components of Social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube API's.
  • Conduct training and regular coaching for team members on latest web technologies like JQuery, JS Plug-ins and third party integration.
  • Handling Release Management, Configuration Management and Customer interaction.
  • Developed internal web modules for project purpose. Example :

Duration  :  April 2009 - August 2009
Role  :  Developer
  • Developed rich media website for internal company communication from start to end.
  • Created brochure template for MindTree internal media printing.
  • Underwent campus program training on Open source tools which included Java using Hibernate, Struts & Spring framework.
FX Labs
Project  :  Ghajini - The Game
Type  :  Third Person Action Adventure game
Duration  :  November 2008 - February 2009
Role  :  Game Tester & Designer
  • Apply a wide breadth of gaming skills, gaming knowledge & experience across the spectrum of game development. Work included: Game Designing, Development & extensive Testing.
  • Contributed widely through quality assurance & level development for Ghajini - The Game.
  • Contributed to development of internet based flash multiplayer game.
  • Consistent performance at Yahoo!
  • Given "Dependable" tag name, "You Rock", "User first", "Bug Fixer", "Across boundaries" and "Accountability" Bravo awards by team at Yahoo!
  • Appreciated for presentation given during Yahoo! S&M tech talk.
  • 10/10 certificate awarded by MindTree project team for exemplary contribution.
  • Team Spot Award awarded by MindTree for significant team performance.
  • Certification for excellence in Game testing for Ghajini - The Game.
  • Was part of the core organizing team of Manufacturing IG CARNIVAL 2011.
  • Hosted two Campus Assimilation Programs at MindTree.
  • Created brochures & posters for College & Company.
  • Created lot of personal hacks
  • Created mobile sites
  • Created personal business website
  • Github repo link
  • Created many personal online applications. I have my own website which can viewed using
  • Created sites as freelancer
  • Represented Hyderabad Team at All India Vixture Gaming competition.
Engineering | Computer Science & Engineering
ICFAI Tech Institute of Science & Technology | Hyderabad, India
Graduation: April 2008 | GPA 7.69/10
  • Did Internship programs at Vama Industries, Hyderabad & Survey of India, Hyderabad.
  • Hosted multiple inter college gaming competitions.
  • Was part of the top gaming clan in college for Counter Strike gaming compeition.
Board of Intermediate Education, A.P.
Narayana Junior College | Hyderabad, India
Completion: April 2004 | Percentage 91.2%
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
Niraj Public School | Hyderabad, India
Completion: April 2002 | Percentage 80%
ANIIT | Software Engineering
NIIT | Hyderabad, India
Completion: January 2009 | Grade FAIR
  • Date of Birth  :  28th March 1986
  • Linguistic Abilities  :  English, Hindi and Marathi
  • Passport  :  Yes